Knowing the Hit and Run Laws in Your State

There are more serious legal consequences, for the at-fault driver, following a hit and run accident.  The term refers to an accident where the guilty driver leaves the sign of the accident, after causing injuries and damage.  Not only are their civil consequences, but there are also possible criminal consequences, as a result of fleeing the scene.  Knowing the hit and run laws in your state will make it easier to understand how to pursue your claims, if you are a victim, or the consequences you may face, if you are found to be at fault. The basic duties of an automobile driver Not only are there duties for drivers when traveling on the roadway, there are also certain duties when a driver is involved in an automobile accident.  If the accident resulted in an injury, the uninjured driver is normally required to, at the very least, call 911 to report the accident.  It is also necessary for the parties involved in the accident to exchange contact and auto insurance information.  Ob


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