What Are the Attorneys Fees for an Auto Accident Case?

Nearly all personal injury attorneys handle auto accident cases on, what is known as, a “contingency fee” basis.  This payment system allows the injured person to be represented by an attorney without the need to pay any fees up front.  As such, determining the attorneys fees for an auto accident case ahead of time, is not really possible.  As the client, you pay nothing to your attorney initially.  If the lawsuit is successfully resolved, then your attorney will be entitled to a percentage of the money you are awarded, plus expenses. Understanding the contingency fee agreement Instead of a retainer agreement, where you pay an attorney up front for the work you expect them to do, a contingency fee agreement is created when the client agrees to pay the attorney a percentage of any award received, should the client win the case.  The difference is, no fees are paid up front.  Most states have their own rules that specify what percentage is appropriate for a personal injury con


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