Preparing for a Disability Hearing

The unfortunate reality is that, most people who apply for Social Security Disability benefits are denied the first time around.  This means that most people end up appealing the decision.  However, it will take two separate levels of appeal before they get to have a disability hearing before a judge, which can take nearly a year to get scheduled.  If it takes that much to get a hearing, it is certainly important to be prepared.  The most important thing you will need, in preparing for a disability hearing, is medical evidence of your disability. Obtain current, updated medical records The most important part of preparing for your disability hearing is to gather any additional medical records, so that when you arrive at your hearing, you can present the most recent medical records that exist.  Be sure that you do not have any gaps in your medical documentation. In most situations, the Social Security Administration will not obtain additional medical records for you, before your h


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