Can I be responsible if my dog bites my vet?

Despite what most pet owners believe, even your dog could bite someone, under the right circumstances.  Although you may have been taking your dog to the veterinary clinic since he was a puppy, there is no guarantee that he won’t bite if he becomes frightened.  So, many clients ask, what will happen if my dog bites my vet?  Luckily, the laws presumes that veterinarians know this to be true.  For that reason, most courts assume that veterinarians knowingly take the risk of injury as part of their job. What are the expectations of veterinarians and their staff? Because vets are assumed to know and accept the risk of injury and should know from experience how to guard against it, veterinarians are typically not allowed to sue a pet owner if they are injured while treating a dog. The same rule generally applies to veterinary assistants, who also knowingly take the risk of handling animals in the course of their jobs.   There may be an exception, though, if a vet unnecessarily expo


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