How is the New York Dog Bite Law Different?

Liability for a dog bite injury is generally based on whether or not the dog owner knew, or should have known, that the dog would bite.  Each state follows its own set of rules in this regard.  The two main theories of liability recognized in dog bite cases are strict liability or the one bite rule.  The New York dog bite law is a little different, in that it sort of combines these two doctrines. New York is mixed liability state New York s dog bite law is a unique combination of the one-bite rule with a somewhat limited version of strict liability.  New York s dog bite statute makes the owner or keeper of a previously adjudicated dangerous dog, strictly liable only for medical and veterinary costs.  However, to recover for any other types of damages, New York requires the victim to prove that the dog had the vicious tendency to bite people, and that the dog owner was aware of that propensity.  in other words, New York is a one bite state for damages other than medical costs. Ne


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