Do I Have to Stop Working to Apply for Disability?

One of the primary concerns of disability applicants is whether they have to stop working to apply for disability.  The worry is that, if it appears the applicant is still able to work, disability may be denied.  Although your ability to work is a factor that will be considered, applicants are usually not required to stop working completely, in order to apply for Social Security Disability.  Depending on your situation, you may need to reduce your work hours.  Here is how it works. Understanding Substantial Gainful Activity Whether you can continue to work while applying for disability depends on how much you earn.  This is true regardless of your medical condition.  The term “substantial gainful activity” or SGA, refers to the amount of income you can earn, while still being eligible for Social Security disability benefits.  Any amount over the SGA amount, as determined by the Social Security Administration, is considered substantial gainful activity and can disqualify you


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