The Difference Between Aggressive Driving and Road Rage

The media coverage over the last few years has highlighted the rise in rude, obnoxious and even hostile drivers on the roadways.  Horns blowing, offensive gestures, cursing have all become an expected part of the daily commute for some people.  While the media has labeled this offensive behavior “road rage,” it should not be confused with the concept of “aggressive driving.”  Aggressive driving and road rage are often used interchangeably, however, they are two very different types of behavior. What is aggressive driving? The term “aggressive driving” is actually a legal concept that describes a category of traffic offenses.  These offenses can include following too closely, speeding, unsafe lane changes, failing to signal intent to change lanes, and other forms of negligent or inconsiderate driving. Typically, aggressive driving is seen in the midst of traffic congestion, as certain drivers are probably already running late and they are determined to get where they ar


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