Common Motorcycle Accident Scenarios

Motorcyclists are well aware of the serious risks of being involved in potentially catastrophic accidents.  A recent motorcycle accident in San Diego demonstrates how, even the most careful motorcyclists can suffer debilitating injuries.  A San Diego City College student lost a limb after being struck by an automobile while on his motorcycle.  So, what can motorcyclists do to avoid such injuries?  Being familiar with some of the common motorcycle accident scenarios may be a first step. When a car turns left in front of you One of the most common accident scenarios occurs when a car unexpectedly turns left in front of a motorcyclist.  Automobile drivers often have a tough time estimating the speed of a motorcyclist, or simply do not see a motorcycle on the roadway at all.  The trick to avoiding these types of accidents is to pay attention to the other drivers around you.  If you can anticipate the potential accident, you may be able to adjust your direction and speed, in order t


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