Can Faulty Shoes Cause Personal Injury?

When it comes to slip and fall personal injury cases, proving responsibility can be a big challenge.  Especially with large businesses like Wal-Mart, negotiating with insurance companies can be extremely difficult.  Not to mention, for example, Wal-Mart’s policy of fighting personal injury lawsuits all the way to trial.  But, in New Mexico earlier this month, there is a new type of personal injury case facing Wal-Mart.  It raised the question, can faulty shoes cause personal injury?  If so, who is liable? The man with the faulty shoes In Badilla v. Wal-Mart, a man claimed that he purchased a pair of shoes from Wal-Mart which came apart at the soles.  This defect, he alleged, caused him to trip and injure his back.  In the lawsuit, he alleged a breach of an express and implied warranty that Wal-Mart makes for its goods. Slip and fall versus products liability The Badilla case is an example of a products liability, despite the fact that the shoes made him trip.  The laws gover


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