What is the Statute of Limitations and Why is it Important?

There are deadlines for filing nearly every type of civil claim.  This time limit is referred to as the “statute of limitations.”  If you fail to file your lawsuit before the applicable deadline has passed, you will not be allowed to bring that lawsuit.  If you file your legal claim after the deadline, then it will most likely be dismissed.  Each statute of limitations period depends on the type of legal claim you have and in which state you are filing the lawsuit.  Being aware of the statute of limitations period that applies to your particular civil case is very important. The purpose of the statute of limitations The main reason that the statute of limitations are established is a practical one.  The evidence that will either support or discredit your legal claims will likely be destroyed over time, just as the memories of relevant witnesses will be less accurate.  In accident cases, for example, the scene is most often altered over time.  Business records are usually d


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