Settling an Auto Accident Case Before Trial

So, you just filed a lawsuit after being injured in an auto accident.  The first question you probably want to ask is whether or not you have to go to trial.  Unless the court throws your case out at summary judgment, the only way you can avoid trial is if your case settles.  Settling an auto accident case before trial can be tough, but not impossible. Predicting whether a case will settle Clients typically ask whether their case will settle before trial.  Predicting whether a case will settle is never easy, and not all cases can settle.  The chance of successfully settling a case depends on so many different factors. However, there is always a possibility of settlement at any point during the litigation process.  Some types of cases are more difficult to settle than others, so the legal issues involved have an impact on the possibility of settlement.  Also, the time of the settlement and how you approach negotiations can have a significant impact, as well. What does settlement


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