Wrongful Death Claim against Long Term Care Facility

A recent jury verdict in New York demonstrates the potential success of a wrongful death claim against long term care facility.  The victim, Edward Gardner, had been admitted to the nursing home for rehabilitation after suffering a heart attack.  Gardner died two weeks later.  His family sued the long term care facility for wrongful death and the jury found the facility guilty. Allegations of nursing home neglect According to Garner s family, he was not fed properly, he was often left in soiled briefs for hours and allowed to fall from his wheelchair on at least two occasions, during his 14-day stay at the nursing home.  Unfortunately, after his second fall from his wheelchair, he suffered internal bleeding and other complications, requiring his readmission to the hospital, where he later died. Jury awarded $1.13 million to the family for wrongful death Following a trial, the long term care facility was found liable for pain and suffering, deprivation of human dignity, wrongful de


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