Catastrophic Injuries from High School Football

Participation in school athletics can be very rewarding for children, as well as their families.  However, with the reward, also comes an inherent fear of serious injury.  The stories of high school students suffering catastrophic, or even fatal injuries have become much too common these days.  In fact, catastrophic injuries from high school football, for example, are on the rise.  As unfortunate as the injuries are, for your child and your family, you may be entitled to compensation. Heartbreaking stories of catastrophic football injuries Over the last decade, there have been an average of three deaths each year, reportedly attributed to high school football injuries, according to one survey.  Most recently, a high school football player in Illinois, Andre Smith, died October 23 after suffering blunt force head injuries, during a football game.   He hit his head during the final play of the game, walked off the field, and later collapsed.  Kenney Bui, a student at Evergreen H


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