Exculpatory Agreements in Youth Sports Programs

Youth participation in school sports can be very rewarding, for the child and the parent.  However, when injuries occur, a parent s concern about the seriousness of the injury will soon take center stage.  If an injury is particularly severe, the issue of legal responsibility becomes important.  Exculpatory agreements in youth sports programs play a substantial role in determining the extent of liability, if any, the school or sports program may have. What is an exculpatory agreement? An exculpatory agreement is a contract, or a provision in a contract, that stipulates that one party is relieved from liability under certain situations of wrongdoing or from the performance of a contract.  Exculpatory agreements are also referred to as waiver/release agreements. The purposes of exculpatory agreements The purposes of this type of agreement in the youth sports area are twofold.  First, the agreement is meant to excuse a sports organization or school for its simple negligence.  Secon


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