How to Avoid Common Motorcycle Accident Situations

We all recognize that riding a motorcycle can be dangerous – in some cases, more dangerous than riding in a car.  However, if you know what to do, riding a motorcycle can give you the best possible circumstances to avoid an accident — incredibly powerful brakes, obstruction-free vision, excellent handling and very efficient tires.  Knowing how to avoid common motorcycle accident situations can mean the difference between injury and death. Be familiar with general motorcycle safety The best way to reduce the risk of being injured in a motorcycle accident is to educate yourself on motorcycle safety in general.  In fact, if you are a new motorcyclist, it is highly recommended that you complete a basic course in riding.  Also, be sure to invest in appropriate safety gear. Bright colors will help other drivers on the roadway to see you, which could also help in avoiding some of the common motorcycle accident situations.  Two of the most common situations are when a car turns left


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