What is Social Security Disability Fraud?

When individuals apply for Social Security Benefits, they are required to certify that all of the information they have provided on the application are true and correct to the best of their knowledge.  If someone reports something on their application that they know is false, it may be a crime.  There are different forms of social security disability fraud, which clients should be aware of. Concealing facts or events that could affect eligibility One example of fraud is when an individual makes a false statement on an application or omits certain facts that are likely to have a negative effect on their benefits.  For example, failing to report that you have returned to work, that you are in jail, or withholding the death of a beneficiary, while continuing to receive and cash the deceased person s checks. Misuse of benefits by a representative payee In some cases, individuals who receive Social Security Benefits are not able to handle their own financial affairs, in which case a rel


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