Cryotherapy can lead to Catastrophic Injury

You may or may not have heard of cryotherapy, but in many circles, it has become the latest in spa therapy.  Cryotherapy involves exposure to low temperatures in an effort to relieve pain and improve health.  As with any new fad, there are dangers that may not have been realized.  The unfortunate reality is that cryotherapy can lead to catastrophic injury, even death. Cryotherapy death in Las Vegas A 24-year-old employee at a cryotherapy center in Las Vegas died as a result of suffocation.  It was determined that she was exposed to low oxygen levels as a result of the extremely low temperatures produced in the chamber.  The chamber itself is cooled with liquid nitrogen. The purported benefits of cryotherapy Those who believe in this unusual spa treatment claim that it reduces pain and inflammation, helps with weight loss, aids blood flow, and improves skin and signs of aging.  Some even believe it improves the mental state of individuals who suffer from depression. The cryothera


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