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Frequently Asked Questions of Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal injury attorneys represent individuals who have been injured because of the negligence or recklessness of someone else.  With all of the stress and worry that being injured can lead to, it makes sense to let your attorney guide you through the legal process and assist you in obtaining the compensation you deserve.  With every personal injury case comes some very common questions. What is my case worth? How long will it take to get to trial?  How much does an attorney charge?  This article will answer some of those common questions. What is my case worth? While this might be the most common question, it certainly is not the easiest one to answer.  Determining how much a personal injury case is worth depends on many factors.  The value of your claim is based on past and future medical expenses, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, and pain and suffering.  There is no set formula for determining this value, however.  The true value is based on the evidence that can be p


Independent Investigation by Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Following any type of accident, including a motorcycle accident, one of the primary tasks of a motorcycle accident lawyer is determining who is required to pay for the resulting injuries and property damage.  There are so many factors involved in determining liability, including the circumstances surrounding the crash and the legal requirements in each state.  In a state where fault must be shown, conducting an independent investigation can be crucial. Why investigation is necessary In many cases, the investigation conducted by the police is insufficient in determining who caused a motorcycle accident.  The investigation led by the police in cases that result in criminal charges are often more helpful, such as with DUIs or reckless driving cases.  In those types of cases, your motorcycle accident lawyer can use the findings of the police department as the springboard for his own investigation.  On the other hand, when the investigating officer decides that criminal charges are no

What about the Passenger in a Car Accident?

Most blogs regarding car accidents address what car accident lawyers can do for the drivers of a car who are injured.  But what if you were the passenger of a car that was involved in a car accident?  While the way your claim is handled may be similar, there are still a few differences that you should be aware of, if you were an injured passenger.  Some of the legal issues that arise are unique to passengers.  Your car accident lawyer can help to steer you through your legal claims. Who is required to pay for your medical expenses? If you own a vehicle of your own and you have Personal Injury Protection insurance (PIP), your own auto insurance company will pay for your medical expenses under your PIP coverage. In some states, PIP coverage is mandatory, but in both Arkansas and Missouri it is optional.  Depending on the laws in your state, there may be certain requirements you must meet in order to make a claim under your PIP coverage.  If you don t have auto insurance, or you do

Personal Injury Claims against Daycare Centers

You may be shocked to know that the number of children seriously injured every year at daycare centers is unacceptably high.  Parents unwittingly place their trust in these centers to protect their precious little ones.  However, children in Missouri and Arkansas are being injured as a result of the negligence of daycare centers every day.  A personal injury lawyer in your area can provide you with the advice you need to seek compensation for your child s injuries.  Those who are in charge of caring for your children need to be held responsible for their neglect. Holding private daycare centers liable for injuries to a child A private daycare center or nursery can be held liable for injuries a child suffers while in its care.  These professional caregivers are required to exercise the highest degree of care and protection of the children they are charged with supervising.  This duty includes taking appropriate precautions to prevent dangerous conditions from existing on the prem

Wrongful Death Claims Involving Toddlers

Losing a loved one is unquestionably one of the most difficult challenges a family can face. When that death is the result of the negligence or misconduct of someone else, it can be even more difficult. One of the worst scenarios, though, is losing a child.  The surviving family of someone who has died, as the result of a personal injury caused by someone else, has the legal right to file a lawsuit for “wrongful death.” Wrongful death claims involving toddlers are particularly difficult to handle, but an experienced wrongful death attorney can help you through this challenging situation, so that you receive the compensation to which you are entitled. What is a wrongful death claim? The legal term “”wrongful death”” refers to a situation where someone dies as a result of the negligence or misconduct of another. Each state has enacted its own laws governing wrongful death claims. The dependents or beneficiaries of the person who was killed may be entitled to monetary compen

Liability For Injuries To Trespassers in Missouri

Liability For Injuries To Trespassers in Missouri from Wesley Cottrell This legal principle creates liability for property owners who knew or should have known that children were likely to trespass on property. Basically, a property owner can be liable for injuries caused to children by conditions on their property that would be attractive and dangerous to a curious child. Learn more about liability for injuries to trespassers in Missouri in this presentation.

Obtaining Medical Treatment After a Personal Injury

One key element of every personal injury case is your “medical damages.”  That simply means the amount of expenses you incurred seeking medical diagnoses and treatment for your injuries.  This amount makes up a large part of your total damages in a personal injury case.  The way your damages are calculated depends on several factors, including the type of medical treatment you receive and the type of medical providers who rendered that treatment.  For this reason, obtaining medical treatment after a personal injury can have a huge impact on your personal injury claim. How insurance adjusters view your medical treatment When an insurance adjuster is reviewing your claims to determine whether settlement is a good idea, they typically do not view all types of medical services the same.  They consider both the nature of the medical treatment and its duration.  They also consider the type of health care provider involved.  Here are a few examples of the differences in medical tr

Fatal Truck Accident in Phelps County, Missouri

Car accidents often result in serious injuries, but all car accidents are not the same.  Indeed, accidents involving 18-wheelers are often more devastating, and even fatal.  That was the case in a recent fatal truck accident in Phelps County, Missouri on December 13, 2015. Three killed in head-on collision with truck According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol report, an 18-wheeler was allegedly driving too fast in the rainy weather when he lost control of his tractor-trailer truck on I-44 and crossed the median barrier.  He ultimately traveled into the eastbound lanes of traffic and struck the victim’s SUV head-on.  All three passengers of the SUV were pronounced dead at the scene. Different laws apply to truck accident cases Truck accident cases are very different from simply automobile accident cases for many reasons.  The first difference is that the laws applicable to truck accident cases are different.  There are various rules and regulations, both state and federal,

Free Report: Liability for Injuries to Trespassers in Missouri

The general rule is that landowners do not have a presumed duty to keep their premises safe for the benefit of a trespasser.  The only conduct for which a property owner would possible have liability for, would be willful or wanton misconduct.  Every state has established its own laws with regard to the duty owed a trespasser.  So, what type of liability can you have for the injuries of a trespasser on your property, in Missouri? Click here to read the whole report or download the PDF. The post Free Report: Liability for Injuries to Trespassers in Missouri appeared first on Cottrell Law Office | Arkansas Personal Injury Attorney.