Personal Injury Claims against Daycare Centers

You may be shocked to know that the number of children seriously injured every year at daycare centers is unacceptably high.  Parents unwittingly place their trust in these centers to protect their precious little ones.  However, children in Missouri and Arkansas are being injured as a result of the negligence of daycare centers every day.  A personal injury lawyer in your area can provide you with the advice you need to seek compensation for your child s injuries.  Those who are in charge of caring for your children need to be held responsible for their neglect. Holding private daycare centers liable for injuries to a child A private daycare center or nursery can be held liable for injuries a child suffers while in its care.  These professional caregivers are required to exercise the highest degree of care and protection of the children they are charged with supervising.  This duty includes taking appropriate precautions to prevent dangerous conditions from existing on the prem


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