Who Pays in a Hit and Run Car Accident?

If you or someone you know has been involved in a hit-and-run, your first question may be, who can I hold responsible?  Victims of hit-and-run car accidents can suffer injuries, property damage, or both.  You may be sideswiped on the road and the driver speeds off, or you may find your car in the parking lot with a huge, unexplained dent.  What your car accident lawyer will tell you is, your own insurance coverage may have to pay. The role of automobile insurance The basic purpose of automobile insurance is to cover you if you become liable for the injuries or damages of someone else, following a car accident.  However, in hit-and-run situations, by definition, you do not know who the responsible party is, much less their automobile insurance information.  In that case, your own insurance will likely be your only source of compensation. Uninsured Motorist Coverage In some states, insurance carriers are required to offer a minimal amount of Uninsured Motorist Coverage to policy ow


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