5 Common Dangers to Motorcyclists and How to Avoid Them

Most people will not argue with the notion that motorcycles are dangerous machines. Yet, biking enthusiasts will likely tell you that they aren t any more dangerous than a car.  Though they may not provide the best protection, they can come with excellent handling, powerful brakes and, of course, unobstructed view.  The bottom line is, if you stay calm and use common sense, you may be able to avoid a trip to see a motorcycle accident lawyer.  Here are 5 common dangers that motorcyclists face, and suggestions on how to avoid them. No. 1 A car turns left in front of you Arguably, this is the most common cause of motorcycle accidents.  There can be several reasons why another driver turns in front of a motorcycle.  Maybe they simply did not see you.  Or maybe they did not properly judge your speed.  Just like with automobile accidents, this type of collision may be the result of distraction, or a blind spot may be to blame.  In many cases, automobile drivers only perceive the abs


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