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Winter Weather Results in Tragic Truck Accident

It’s no secret that we have been experiencing some unexpected weather across the globe.  Winter weather is no exception.  The problem for truck drivers is that low visibility and commercial trucks are a recipe for trouble.  There are already the inherent concerns with an increased stopping distance, less control and the extra weight to contend with.  A truck accident lawyer can help you navigate through your potential claim. Man killed by snow plow in New York Not all regions of the United States are as familiar with snow plows as New York may be, but we can all relate to the tragedy of a truck accident. A few months ago a man in New York was struck and killed by a snow plow clearing snow in front of the man’s residence.  A storm had just dropped more than two feet of snow.  Although the man was taken to the hospital after the accident, he died a short time later.  There was no criminal conduct suspected by the police, but civil liability would still be an issue. Understand


Traffic Fatalities on the Rise: Seeking Recovery Following an Accident

In the last few years, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”) has stated that the number of traffic deaths occurring on American roadways has decreased.  However, the new data in 2015 has shown this decrease has not only stopped, but instead there has been a significant increase in the number of reported fatalities.  In the first 9 months of 2015, the number of traffic fatalities increased 9.3 percent. That equates to more than 26,000 deaths. So, what causes these deaths and how can a car accident attorney help the families recover? Negligence of Other Drivers One of the primary causes of car accidents is the negligence of other drivers on the roadway.  In fact, negligence accounts for the majority of deaths.  There are so many different ways that negligence can contribute to an accident.  Here are just a few examples: Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs Driving while drowsy or fatigue Speeding Distracted driving, including texting

4 Dangerous Myths about Riding a Motorcycle

Motorcycles are smaller and less stable than automobiles, so they allow for a smaller margin of error when it comes to operating them on the roadways.  The statistics show that thousands of people are injured in motorcycle accident each year, and most of those accidents are the result of rider error.  But, many of types of accidents can be avoided with the knowledge that your bike accident lawyer can share with you to dispel some of the myths about riding a motorcycle. Myth No. 1     Lay down your bike if you think you re going to crash It is never a good idea to try to lay down your bike, especially if you are traveling at high speeds.  In most cases, laying down your bike will do more harm than good.  Instead, it is best to reduce your speed as much as possible, using both of your brakes in order to mitigate a bad wreck. Myth No. 2     Racing tires make your bike safer on the road Unless you intend to go more than 200 miles per hour on the highway, racing tires will not

First Responders at Risk of Injury Following Car Accident

It may not occur to everyone that drivers and passengers are not the only ones at risk of injury in car accidents.  Unfortunately, the men and women who respond to these car accidents to provide assistance and investigate face a risk of injury as well.  Every year, a significant number of first responders, law enforcement, tow truck drivers and others end up being struck by other cars while working the scene.  When this happens, a car accident lawyer can help the parties sort through the possible legal claims. State trooper injured in Tennessee A Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper was working a car accident scene when a separate crash involving a tractor-trailer and two other vehicles occurred on the highway next to him. The impact of that separate collision resulted in one of the cars involved striking the trooper.  As unfortunate as this type of accident is, it can often be avoided or at the very least, the risk can be reduced. This is not an isolated incident. According to the Na

Guardrails Can Be Hazardous to Bikers

Guardrails and other roadside barriers are designed to protect vehicles from running off the road or bridges or colliding with trees and other obstacles.  However, to bikes on the roadway guardrails can pose more of a threat.  As a bike accident lawyer knows, if a bike hits a guardrail, the likely result is the rider will be thrown from their bike and injured. Motorcyclist dies after striking a guardrail in Florida We have all seen guardrails on major highways and roadways throughout the country.  While they have certainly saved many lives and reduced the risk of accidents and injuries, they can pose a safety risk to motorcyclists.  A motorcyclist was fatally injured in early February 2016 in Florida after he smashed into a guardrail.  He had difficulty maneuvering on a left curve and went off the road, crashing into the guardrail and ejecting him from his motorcycle.  Although he was wearing a motorcycle helmet, his injuries were too severe. Studies suggest that some guardrail

Injury from Medical Technology Devices

Unfortunately, medical lawyers are keeping busy with an increase in malpractice cases.  One of the reasons medical malpractice have become so common is the fact that health care providers have become more and more reliant on medical technology and electronics. Hospitals are set on becoming paperless by computerizing their systems, including patient records, utilizing automatic orders and electronic patient monitoring devices.  Inadequate training and malfunctioning devices can result in malpractice and injury. Cases involving defective medical devices When patients are injured by doctors or other medical professionals, as a result of those individuals failing to perform their duties competently, there may be a claim for medical malpractice.  Medical malpractice claims have certain procedural requirements that must be followed and these requirements differ from one state to the next.  There are some general requirements, though.  When pursuing a claim for medical malpractice, know

Truck Tire Blow Outs Create Dangerous Condition for Others

If you have spent any time on the interstate or major highways you have seen the rubber debris scattered across the lanes.  The dodging and weaving that motorists must engage in just to avoid these dangerous obstacles is scary enough.  But, as any truck accident attorney knows, the remnants of a truck tire blowout are not the only hazard.  When a truck driver loses control of his rig because of a blowout, the risk of a catastrophe becomes greater. The nature of the risk posed by blowouts We have all seen the evidence of an 18-wheeler tire blowout.  The huge pieces of black rubber littering the highway.  When the tire blows, shards of rubber become projectiles into traffic, which can cause accidents if they strike other cars or when cars swerve trying to avoid the sudden obstacles.  According to some statistics, this type of debris causes more than 25,000 collisions and over 100 fatalities every year. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, tire pieces are the number

Did Your Dream Cruise Turn into a Nightmare?

For some, a Caribbean cruise would be a dream vacation unlimited food, drinks by the pool, watching the sunset from the deck of the ship.  The adventure that awaits in a new vacation spot, with your loved ones in tow, can be very exciting.  But not every vacation turns out to be a dream come true.  In fact, it is not unheard of for cruise ship passengers to come away from their vacation experience with illnesses or injuries.  If you have been the victim of a cruise gone wrong, contact a personal injury attorney to discuss your legal rights. Who can you sue for an injury on a cruise ship? A cruise ship is considered a common carrier, much like a bus, taxi, airplane or train.  A carrier is an entity whose business is to provide transportation for people or goods for a fee.  These entities can be held responsible for injuries to their passengers if the injured party can prove some form of negligence. Which laws apply to claims against a cruise ship? Cases involving cruise ships are

Were you Injured by a Drunk Driver?

Being involved in a car accident is a serious situation, especially when serious injuries are involved.  Negligence is the general theory involved in filing a claim for damages in a car accident case.  As any car accident lawyer knows, these claims become more serious when a drunk driver is involved.  When a drunk driver causes an accident that injuries someone, there can be civil claims as well as criminal penalties.  If you or someone you know has been injured by a drunk driver, your car accident lawyer can guide you through the process of obtaining compensation. Court proceedings: criminal vs. civil suits In DUI (Driving Under the Influence) cases, criminal proceedings are meant to not only punish the drunk driver for his or her recklessness but also to deter drunk driving in general.  That s why a drunk driver can be prosecuted in criminal court, even when there was no accident.  A civil lawsuit based on a car accident caused by a drunk driver is a separate proceeding.  The