Truck Tire Blow Outs Create Dangerous Condition for Others

If you have spent any time on the interstate or major highways you have seen the rubber debris scattered across the lanes.  The dodging and weaving that motorists must engage in just to avoid these dangerous obstacles is scary enough.  But, as any truck accident attorney knows, the remnants of a truck tire blowout are not the only hazard.  When a truck driver loses control of his rig because of a blowout, the risk of a catastrophe becomes greater. The nature of the risk posed by blowouts We have all seen the evidence of an 18-wheeler tire blowout.  The huge pieces of black rubber littering the highway.  When the tire blows, shards of rubber become projectiles into traffic, which can cause accidents if they strike other cars or when cars swerve trying to avoid the sudden obstacles.  According to some statistics, this type of debris causes more than 25,000 collisions and over 100 fatalities every year. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, tire pieces are the number


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