Injury from Medical Technology Devices

Unfortunately, medical lawyers are keeping busy with an increase in malpractice cases.  One of the reasons medical malpractice have become so common is the fact that health care providers have become more and more reliant on medical technology and electronics. Hospitals are set on becoming paperless by computerizing their systems, including patient records, utilizing automatic orders and electronic patient monitoring devices.  Inadequate training and malfunctioning devices can result in malpractice and injury. Cases involving defective medical devices When patients are injured by doctors or other medical professionals, as a result of those individuals failing to perform their duties competently, there may be a claim for medical malpractice.  Medical malpractice claims have certain procedural requirements that must be followed and these requirements differ from one state to the next.  There are some general requirements, though.  When pursuing a claim for medical malpractice, know


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