Guardrails Can Be Hazardous to Bikers

Guardrails and other roadside barriers are designed to protect vehicles from running off the road or bridges or colliding with trees and other obstacles.  However, to bikes on the roadway guardrails can pose more of a threat.  As a bike accident lawyer knows, if a bike hits a guardrail, the likely result is the rider will be thrown from their bike and injured. Motorcyclist dies after striking a guardrail in Florida We have all seen guardrails on major highways and roadways throughout the country.  While they have certainly saved many lives and reduced the risk of accidents and injuries, they can pose a safety risk to motorcyclists.  A motorcyclist was fatally injured in early February 2016 in Florida after he smashed into a guardrail.  He had difficulty maneuvering on a left curve and went off the road, crashing into the guardrail and ejecting him from his motorcycle.  Although he was wearing a motorcycle helmet, his injuries were too severe. Studies suggest that some guardrail


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