First Responders at Risk of Injury Following Car Accident

It may not occur to everyone that drivers and passengers are not the only ones at risk of injury in car accidents.  Unfortunately, the men and women who respond to these car accidents to provide assistance and investigate face a risk of injury as well.  Every year, a significant number of first responders, law enforcement, tow truck drivers and others end up being struck by other cars while working the scene.  When this happens, a car accident lawyer can help the parties sort through the possible legal claims. State trooper injured in Tennessee A Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper was working a car accident scene when a separate crash involving a tractor-trailer and two other vehicles occurred on the highway next to him. The impact of that separate collision resulted in one of the cars involved striking the trooper.  As unfortunate as this type of accident is, it can often be avoided or at the very least, the risk can be reduced. This is not an isolated incident. According to the Na


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