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Bus Driver Liable for Drunk Driving

When parents send their children to school, especially on the school bus, they expect them to be safe.  Indeed, most school systems encourage parents to send their children on the school bus, as a safe and reliable method of transportation.  Unfortunately, as any personal injury lawyer can attest to, school bus accidents do occur.  An unexpected story out of Boston reminds us that negligence can be unpredictable. School bus driver arrested for DUI A school bus driver in Boston was arrested after crashing into a utility pole while the school bus was loaded with students.  According to police, the bus driver admitted to being under the influence of Nyquil.  He allegedly took the medication earlier in the day while he was driving his bus route.  His blood alcohol level was more than four times the legal limit. At the time of the accident, there were 11 students on the bus.  When the school bus struck the utility pole it was knocked down and landed on an SUV crushing it.  Fortunat


Missouri Employer Liable for Wide-Load Truck Accident

Truck accident lawyers can tell you that it can be a little a tricky determining who is liable for the injuries sustained in an accident involving a commercial truck.  In some situations, there may be more people responsible than simply the driver of the truck.  A Missouri appellate court very recently held that a truck driver’s employer was liable for its own actions that contributed to the fatal accident. Liability for the fatal wide-load truck accident In the case of Brown v. Davis, the plaintiff’s husband was killed as he drove his car across a narrow bridge and was struck by a piece of logging equipment that had been on the back of a flatbed truck owned by the defendant.  The court found that the truck driver s should have foreseen the risks of transporting an oversized log skidder across a bridge without first stopping oncoming traffic.  In fact, the court held, the employer had a legal duty to take appropriate precautions but failed to do so, including giving the truck

Personal Injury Lawsuits and Privacy

If you have been unsuccessful in settling your personal injury claims, you may be considering whether to proceed with taking your claims to court.  Filing a lawsuit can lead to a favorable resolution of your claims, but it may require some sacrifice.  Your personal injury lawyer in Rogers can tell you that you will have to give up a certain amount of privacy once you bring your claims to court.  But your attorney will make sure that certain lines are not crossed. Lawsuits mean a certain loss of privacy The reality is, anytime you file a lawsuit in court you will necessarily lose a certain amount of privacy.  The attorney who is representing the person you sued will have the right to ask you certain questions that may seem intrusive and irrelevant.  For example, they can insist that you turn over your employment records, financial records, and medical records.  While that seems like an invasion of your privacy, it is usually part of the process.  There are limitations, however,

How to Avoid Bicycle Accidents with other Vehicles

Although most motor vehicle accidents involve cars, motorcycles and trucks, you can also be injured while riding your bicycle and being struck by a motor vehicle.  In order to avoid a trip to a bike accident attorney, you need to minimize the risk of accidents with cars.  This requires maximizing your visibility, understanding the rules of the road, taking safety precautions and recognizing potentially dangerous situations ahead of time. The dangers of riding a bike through an intersection Despite the fact that only a small percentage of a cyclists travel route includes intersections, that is where they are at the greatest risk for injury.  While only 11 percent of bicycle accidents involve a crash with a car more than 45 percent of those accidents occur at an intersection. This type of accident is common for many reasons.  Car drivers often underestimate the speed of a cyclist.  Another problem is that drivers do not really expect to see a bike on the road, so they don t really

Types of Claims Handled by Accident Attorneys

If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident of some type, accident attorneys can help you obtain a recovery for your claims.  Knowing which type of accident attorney you need will depend on the type of case you have.  Here are some of the common types of claims handled by accident attorneys in Missouri and Arkansas. 1.         Motor Vehicle Accidents When people think of accident claims, the first thing that comes to mind is a motor vehicle accident, whether it’s a car wreck or a crash involving a truck.  Motor vehicle accidents can involve any type of motorized vehicle.  Here are some common examples: Car accident Motorcycle accident Truck accident Boating accident Jet ski accident Bus accident School bus accident Pedestrian accident claims also fall within this category when pedestrians are struck and injured or killed by a motor vehicle.  Likewise, bicycle accidents are included when the bicyclist is struck and injured by a motor vehicle.  Accident at

How Social Media Can Hurt Your Personal Injury Case

It is not strange nowadays to see everyone around you with their eyes glued to their smart phone or tablet.  The internet and social media are almost an addiction for many.  But if you are involved in a personal injury lawsuit, you need to be careful using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets.  It is widely known that defense attorneys and insurance adjusters find ways to follow and investigate litigants using social media.  Usually, the goal is to find a way to contradict your claims.  Sometimes they are actually successful.  Your personal injury lawyer will no doubt recommend that you avoid social media, at least for a while. Your comments and photos can destroy your case Assume you have filed a lawsuit claiming an injury to your back, following an auto accident.  What type of damage do you think it would cause if you post a photo of yourself installing your child s new playground set?  Maybe an innocent tweet about your upcoming ski trip to Colorado or the mara

Highway Conditions May Cause Motorcycle Accidents

Operating a motorcycle can be inherently dangerous, but when the condition of the highway puts motorcyclists at a much higher risk, then the government should be held responsible for any resulting injuries or death. A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you navigate your way through litigation if you or a loved one has been injured or killed as a result of highway conditions. Iowa woman sues after her husband was killed An Iowa woman recently filed a lawsuit against the Iowa Department of Transportation for the death of her husband.  The motorcycle accident occurred on a local highway where there was an unnecessarily steep drop-off between the paved highway and the gravel shoulder.  The Iowa Department of Transportation was responsible for maintaining the highway in a safe condition.  The woman alleges that it was the Department s negligence that resulted in the dangerous road condition which killed her husband. Claims against the state required administrative action first As with