How to Avoid Bicycle Accidents with other Vehicles

Although most motor vehicle accidents involve cars, motorcycles and trucks, you can also be injured while riding your bicycle and being struck by a motor vehicle.  In order to avoid a trip to a bike accident attorney, you need to minimize the risk of accidents with cars.  This requires maximizing your visibility, understanding the rules of the road, taking safety precautions and recognizing potentially dangerous situations ahead of time. The dangers of riding a bike through an intersection Despite the fact that only a small percentage of a cyclists travel route includes intersections, that is where they are at the greatest risk for injury.  While only 11 percent of bicycle accidents involve a crash with a car more than 45 percent of those accidents occur at an intersection. This type of accident is common for many reasons.  Car drivers often underestimate the speed of a cyclist.  Another problem is that drivers do not really expect to see a bike on the road, so they don t really


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