Missouri Employer Liable for Wide-Load Truck Accident

Truck accident lawyers can tell you that it can be a little a tricky determining who is liable for the injuries sustained in an accident involving a commercial truck.  In some situations, there may be more people responsible than simply the driver of the truck.  A Missouri appellate court very recently held that a truck driver’s employer was liable for its own actions that contributed to the fatal accident. Liability for the fatal wide-load truck accident In the case of Brown v. Davis, the plaintiff’s husband was killed as he drove his car across a narrow bridge and was struck by a piece of logging equipment that had been on the back of a flatbed truck owned by the defendant.  The court found that the truck driver s should have foreseen the risks of transporting an oversized log skidder across a bridge without first stopping oncoming traffic.  In fact, the court held, the employer had a legal duty to take appropriate precautions but failed to do so, including giving the truck


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