Bus Driver Liable for Drunk Driving

When parents send their children to school, especially on the school bus, they expect them to be safe.  Indeed, most school systems encourage parents to send their children on the school bus, as a safe and reliable method of transportation.  Unfortunately, as any personal injury lawyer can attest to, school bus accidents do occur.  An unexpected story out of Boston reminds us that negligence can be unpredictable. School bus driver arrested for DUI A school bus driver in Boston was arrested after crashing into a utility pole while the school bus was loaded with students.  According to police, the bus driver admitted to being under the influence of Nyquil.  He allegedly took the medication earlier in the day while he was driving his bus route.  His blood alcohol level was more than four times the legal limit. At the time of the accident, there were 11 students on the bus.  When the school bus struck the utility pole it was knocked down and landed on an SUV crushing it.  Fortunat


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