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Winning a Personal Injury Case by Default Judgment

When you file a personal injury lawsuit or any other civil action, there are several ways you could receive compensation.  You could win the case at trial and a jury could award a judgment in your favor. You could also settle the case with the other party where they agree to pay you a certain [ ] The post Winning a Personal Injury Case by Default Judgment appeared first on Cottrell Law Office | Arkansas Personal Injury Attorney.


Should I Bring my Car Accident Case in Small Claims Court?

The majority of car accident lawsuits are filed in a district or circuit court in the state where the accident happened.  However, which court is able to hear your case depends, in part, on the amount of your damages you are claiming to have suffered in your lawsuit. Most clients have heard of small claims [ ] The post Should I Bring my Car Accident Case in Small Claims Court? appeared first on Cottrell Law Office | Arkansas Personal Injury Attorney.

Can My Car Accident Lawyer Help me Resolve My Case?

After a car accident, the trauma of your personal injuries is likely something you want to forget as soon as possible. The disruption that your injuries and damages cause, make the need to reach a resolution great, and the sooner you can get back to life as usual, the better. How long resolving an auto [ ] The post Can My Car Accident Lawyer Help me Resolve My Case? appeared first on Cottrell Law Office | Arkansas Personal Injury Attorney.

How Long Will My Personal Injury Case Take?

Most people who have been involved in a personal injury case agree that resolving the matter can never come too soon.  That is understandable, as the disruption that a legal case will cause in the lives of everyone involved can be very unwelcome.  The sooner you are able to get back to life as usual, [ ] The post How Long Will My Personal Injury Case Take? appeared first on Cottrell Law Office | Arkansas Personal Injury Attorney.

Settling an Auto Accident Case Before Trial

So, you just filed a lawsuit after being injured in an auto accident.  The first question you probably want to ask is whether or not you have to go to trial.  Unless the court throws your case out at summary judgment, the only way you can avoid trial is if your case settles.  Settling an auto accident case before trial can be tough, but not impossible. Predicting whether a case will settle Clients typically ask whether their case will settle before trial.  Predicting whether a case will settle is never easy, and not all cases can settle.  The chance of successfully settling a case depends on so many different factors. However, there is always a possibility of settlement at any point during the litigation process.  Some types of cases are more difficult to settle than others, so the legal issues involved have an impact on the possibility of settlement.  Also, the time of the settlement and how you approach negotiations can have a significant impact, as well. What does settlement

E. Coli leads to Wrongful Death Case

Losing a loved one is always difficult.  When the death is the result of the negligence or misconduct of a third party, the challenges can be even more daunting.  Surviving families can take steps to recover for their loss, as best they can, by filing a lawsuit for wrongful death.  A recent incident involving the death of an 8-year-old boy, who died as a result of an E. Coli infection demonstrates how the negligent acts of others can result in a tragic wrongful death lawsuit. The claims against Rain Crow Ranch Rain Crow Ranch, a Doniphan, Missouri farm which also owns a nearby beef processing facility (Fruitland American Meat, in Jackson, Missouri), has been sued by a couple whose son died after eating a hamburger allegedly tainted with E. coli.  The meat was processed by the Missouri farm and then sold at a Whole Foods store in Massachusetts.  The family filed a wrongful death suit in Boston federal court in December of 2014.  It was reported that at least two other people were

How to Determine the Value of a Premises Liability Case

Most people who are injured while on someone else’s property at least consider filing a lawsuit to recover for their injuries.  Yet, depending on the actual value of your case, it may not always be the best decision.  What you must consider is whether, after it is all said and done, will you end up with sufficient compensation to justify the cost and stress of civil litigation?  If you have a basic understanding of how to determine the value of a premises liability case, it will be easier to make that decision. Can I settle my case instead of going to court? Yes, it is possible in some cases to settle a personal injury case before it is necessary to file a lawsuit, but that does not happen very often.  Typically, the insurance company that gets involved initially, is not willing to offer a reasonable settlement amount.  In order for settlement to work, both parties must recognize that settlement requires a mutually agreeable resolution.  Often the injured party must accept a l

Resolving an Auto Accident Case

After an auto accident, the trauma of your personal injuries is something you would soon want to forget.  The disruption that your injuries and damages clause, make the need to reach a resolution greater, and the sooner you can get back to life as usual, the better.  How long resolving an auto accident case will take, depends on so many factors.  Though attorneys can never guarantee a successful resolution, nor can they predict how long it will take, being familiar with the factors that affect resolution, can make it easier to get through. Factors that affect resolution Accident cases typically follow the same track, with a few exceptions.  There are particular steps that are common to most accident cases.  The length of time it make take for each step can vary.  But, factors such as the nature and extent of your injuries, and the efforts needed to prove your losses, nearly always play a role in determining how quickly your auto accident case can be resolved. Nature and extent o

What Are the Attorneys Fees for an Auto Accident Case?

Nearly all personal injury attorneys handle auto accident cases on, what is known as, a “contingency fee” basis.  This payment system allows the injured person to be represented by an attorney without the need to pay any fees up front.  As such, determining the attorneys fees for an auto accident case ahead of time, is not really possible.  As the client, you pay nothing to your attorney initially.  If the lawsuit is successfully resolved, then your attorney will be entitled to a percentage of the money you are awarded, plus expenses. Understanding the contingency fee agreement Instead of a retainer agreement, where you pay an attorney up front for the work you expect them to do, a contingency fee agreement is created when the client agrees to pay the attorney a percentage of any award received, should the client win the case.  The difference is, no fees are paid up front.  Most states have their own rules that specify what percentage is appropriate for a personal injury con