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What to Do Immediately Following a Bike Accident

Bike, or motorcycle, accidents are different from car accidents in many ways. For that reason, there are a few steps that our Joplin bike accident lawyer recommends taking if you have been involved in such an accident. Be sure to stop after a motorcycle accident The law requires that individuals involved in a vehicular accident, [ ] The post What to Do Immediately Following a Bike Accident appeared first on Cottrell Law Office | Arkansas Personal Injury Attorney.


Tricks to Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents

Tricks to Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents from Wesley Cottrell This is probably the most common motorcycle accident scenario. The driver of a car does not see you, or does not judge your speed accurately and turns in front of you at an intersection.  Learn more about motorcycle accidents in Arkansas in this presentation. The post Tricks to Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents appeared first on Cottrell Law Office | Arkansas Personal Injury Attorney.

Free Report: Tricks to Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents in Arkansas

There is no question that riding a motorcycle can be dangerous.  Although they do not provide the best protection in an accident, they do come with incredibly powerful brakes, obstruction-free vision, excellent handling and tires with a good grip. If you can stay calm, use common sense and follow these helpful tricks, you may be [ ] The post Free Report: Tricks to Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents in Arkansas appeared first on Cottrell Law Office | Arkansas Personal Injury Attorney.

Highway Conditions May Cause Motorcycle Accidents

Operating a motorcycle can be inherently dangerous, but when the condition of the highway puts motorcyclists at a much higher risk, then the government should be held responsible for any resulting injuries or death. A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you navigate your way through litigation if you or a loved one has been injured or killed as a result of highway conditions. Iowa woman sues after her husband was killed An Iowa woman recently filed a lawsuit against the Iowa Department of Transportation for the death of her husband.  The motorcycle accident occurred on a local highway where there was an unnecessarily steep drop-off between the paved highway and the gravel shoulder.  The Iowa Department of Transportation was responsible for maintaining the highway in a safe condition.  The woman alleges that it was the Department s negligence that resulted in the dangerous road condition which killed her husband. Claims against the state required administrative action first As with

4 Dangerous Myths about Riding a Motorcycle

Motorcycles are smaller and less stable than automobiles, so they allow for a smaller margin of error when it comes to operating them on the roadways.  The statistics show that thousands of people are injured in motorcycle accident each year, and most of those accidents are the result of rider error.  But, many of types of accidents can be avoided with the knowledge that your bike accident lawyer can share with you to dispel some of the myths about riding a motorcycle. Myth No. 1     Lay down your bike if you think you re going to crash It is never a good idea to try to lay down your bike, especially if you are traveling at high speeds.  In most cases, laying down your bike will do more harm than good.  Instead, it is best to reduce your speed as much as possible, using both of your brakes in order to mitigate a bad wreck. Myth No. 2     Racing tires make your bike safer on the road Unless you intend to go more than 200 miles per hour on the highway, racing tires will not

Independent Investigation by Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Following any type of accident, including a motorcycle accident, one of the primary tasks of a motorcycle accident lawyer is determining who is required to pay for the resulting injuries and property damage.  There are so many factors involved in determining liability, including the circumstances surrounding the crash and the legal requirements in each state.  In a state where fault must be shown, conducting an independent investigation can be crucial. Why investigation is necessary In many cases, the investigation conducted by the police is insufficient in determining who caused a motorcycle accident.  The investigation led by the police in cases that result in criminal charges are often more helpful, such as with DUIs or reckless driving cases.  In those types of cases, your motorcycle accident lawyer can use the findings of the police department as the springboard for his own investigation.  On the other hand, when the investigating officer decides that criminal charges are no

Common Defenses in Motorcycle Accident Cases

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, it is common to take legal action in order to receive compensation for your medical expenses, as well as pain and suffering.  If you are considering whether to file a lawsuit, it is important to at least become familiar with some of the common defenses in motorcycle accident cases.  That way, you can prepare for them.  This is equally important, even in situations where a lawsuit is not filed.  Defenses are still important in negotiating settlement with an insurance carrier. Categories of defenses in motorcycle accident cases There are basically two categories of defenses that most often arise in motorcycle accident cases: those based on the facts and those based on the law.  Factual defenses can only be based on the specific factual circumstances of each case, and often include the failure to mitigate damages and contributory or comparative negligence.  On the other hand, legal defenses can bar a claim, based on some law or reg

How to Avoid Common Motorcycle Accident Situations

We all recognize that riding a motorcycle can be dangerous – in some cases, more dangerous than riding in a car.  However, if you know what to do, riding a motorcycle can give you the best possible circumstances to avoid an accident — incredibly powerful brakes, obstruction-free vision, excellent handling and very efficient tires.  Knowing how to avoid common motorcycle accident situations can mean the difference between injury and death. Be familiar with general motorcycle safety The best way to reduce the risk of being injured in a motorcycle accident is to educate yourself on motorcycle safety in general.  In fact, if you are a new motorcyclist, it is highly recommended that you complete a basic course in riding.  Also, be sure to invest in appropriate safety gear. Bright colors will help other drivers on the roadway to see you, which could also help in avoiding some of the common motorcycle accident situations.  Two of the most common situations are when a car turns left

Common Motorcycle Accident Scenarios

Motorcyclists are well aware of the serious risks of being involved in potentially catastrophic accidents.  A recent motorcycle accident in San Diego demonstrates how, even the most careful motorcyclists can suffer debilitating injuries.  A San Diego City College student lost a limb after being struck by an automobile while on his motorcycle.  So, what can motorcyclists do to avoid such injuries?  Being familiar with some of the common motorcycle accident scenarios may be a first step. When a car turns left in front of you One of the most common accident scenarios occurs when a car unexpectedly turns left in front of a motorcyclist.  Automobile drivers often have a tough time estimating the speed of a motorcyclist, or simply do not see a motorcycle on the roadway at all.  The trick to avoiding these types of accidents is to pay attention to the other drivers around you.  If you can anticipate the potential accident, you may be able to adjust your direction and speed, in order t

The Benefits of Having an Attorney After a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents are often catastrophic.  They typically change the lives of the victims, as well as their families.  Litigating a motorcycle accident case can be very overwhelming, as there are many issues that can arise with regard to liability and proving damages.  For these, and many other reasons, the benefits of having an attorney after a motorcycle accident should not be overlooked. What to do immediately after the accident Until you have the opportunity to consult with an attorney, there are a few things you should know about how to handle yourself, after you have been involved in a motorcycle accident.  First, don t sign anything without consulting an attorney first. If you do, you may jeopardize your chances to recover for your injuries.  If you are approached by an insurance company, do not allow them to take a recorded interview.  You have the legal right to refuse. Why do I need an attorney? Besides the obvious fact that the legal process can be confusing and c