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All the Ways Bankruptcy can Affect Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

An issue that may affect your personal injury lawsuit is bankruptcy. Depending on who files for bankruptcy the impact on a personal injury claim will be different. One very important thing to do is make sure your Joplin personal injury law firm is aware of the bankruptcy filing immediately.  More importantly, if you have filed [ ] The post All the Ways Bankruptcy can Affect Your Personal Injury Lawsuit appeared first on Cottrell Law Office | Arkansas Personal Injury Attorney.


Four Ways to Hurt Your Chance for Damages in a Car Accident Case

If you have been injured in a car accident, you may feel the need to be tough and minimize your injuries in the eyes of others.  But when you are recovering from a traumatic car accident, you should always be honest about your symptoms.  If not, as any car accident lawyer will tell you, you could potentially hurt your chances of receiving the compensation to which you are entitled. The importance of medical damages in a car accident case A major component of a car accident case is medical damages.   These are calculated by determining the amount of expenses you incurred seeking a diagnosis and treatment for your injuries.  These calculations depend on several factors, including the nature of the medical treatment you receive and the type of medical providers who rendered that treatment. A health care provider must first diagnose your injury before he or she can provide appropriate treatment for that injury.  Tests and other diagnostic tools are usually required to reach that diag